Bestiarium is my current personal project. It relies heavily on procedural character generation (and, weirdly enough, their insides as well). It’s on early prototyping stage, but I’m writing about my experiments on my blog and I’ve been publishing the prototypes on my

De daemonici corporis fabrica is the third prototype for Bestiarium. You must dissect imps and turn their organs into ingredients that you can sell.

It’s also a meta essay about science and ethics and being into Death Metal and stuff.

Playable: De daemonici corporis fabrica

Jam: PROCJAM 2016

Herbarium is the fourth prototype for Bestiarium. You must find out the chemical characteristics of extracts taken from flowers and experiment with your lab rats to figure out what kinds of potions can be made from them.

Playable: Herbarium

Jam: PROCJAM 2017

Playable: Invocation Prototype

Some early shots from the VR prototypes